オングル工芸 株式会社
京都府 宇治市 宇治半白120-14





 Onglet is established in 1969, have been manufacturing the necktie over 40 years. We are focusing on neckwears, such as a bow tie, Derby tie, ascot tie besides regular tie. We are performing sewing processing of various dress-and-ornaments accessories, such as a cummerbund, a ribbon, a stole, and the chief.


 - Goods offer which there is productive capacity of 2,000/day (machin sewing, hand-sewing), could reply also to the major order received, and was stabilized is possible.


-We can propose good choise, good method matching with customers favors based on the abundant experience staff.


-The broad product is processed and it can answer to a customer's demand.


-Moreover, the procedures of processing sewing are manual-ized and we are equalizing goods quality.